This is a thing.

Every blog has that first post where it all started. Mine is no exception.

And since I have absolutely no clue how these things work, welp, then allow me to introduce myself.

I go by three names. Yun Qi, Abigail or Abbie. The first being my real name, the second my nickname and the third a shorter version of my nickname for the lazy ones who prefer two syllables instead of three. I am an optimistic person most of the time. Not much of a social butterfly (because I suck at talking and cannot think of relevant topics) but overall, nice.

I spend a lot of my time surfing the net, namely YouTube, Twitter, NoSleep and DeviantArt. If I’m not doing so, you’ll probably find me doing household chores, daydreaming, sleeping, going to school, listening to music, gaming or watching anime. Boring eh?

Of course on days when I’m feeling less lethargic, maybe I’ll whip up a meal. Or write a short story. Or revise Korean. Or I’ll head down to the shooting range.

Did I mention I love to eat? Mmm food… Except baked beans. Baked beans are disgusting.

[I totally did not steal this off my Facebook profile.]

Besides whatever I mentioned above, I was searching for another possible interest I can dedicate myself to. Hence, this site is basically an experiment. To see if this is a thing.

Thus! Lo and behold, ChipperZone was born! This not-so-glorious page is the place where you can listen to (or rather, read) my ranting, opinions, experiences, reviews, ideas, observations and whatever nonsense that pops up in my brain. No specific theme or category, no rules. Just my thoughts. But who knows, that may change.

So thanks for stopping by. But do not expect too much. I’m known for my procrastination.


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