No Paint No Gain


Finally, I can strike paintball off my bucket list.

As part of the shooting club at my polytechnic, this was one of the activities that members had the opportunity to try. The School of Paintball (SOP) was the designated venue.

Ideal field for a 6-12 player match

Prior to the experience, with the measly knowledge I’ve obtained from TV shows and games, I was confident I would be, at the very least, decent on my first try at paintball. My mind was ready.

But my body was not.

Within minutes into the first round, I was already running out of breath. Talk about poor stamina…

However I’ll have to mention I did make a valiant effort in moving towards my foes. That means dodging paintballs, firing paintballs (albeit blindly) and scooting from cover to cover. So yes, I was not a complete noob.

Gearing up

Moving in

Oh, and I got shot. Twice. Once on the left side of my waist and the other on my right shoulder. I didn’t feel much of an impact on the second shot, so I assumed it bounced off my vest.

The first one, on the other hand, came out of nowhere. And the stinging pain that followed? Picture someone releasing a stretched rubber band on your bare skin and multiply it by two. Ouch. It left a small round bruise despite me wearing rather thick jeans (it is still aching now).

That didn’t stop me from having fun though. I was more wary the next round and offered to cover my team instead. Let the guys be all heroic at the frontline. I was content to be support. Same goes for the last round, except for the fact I went nuts with my shots and ran out of ammunition.

Badass green face masks

The funniest moment of the day had to be my teammate dashing in front of my line of sight just as I opened fire at an opponent. His reaction was hilarious.

That pretty much sums up my first paintball experience. I was satisfied with it. The only thing was that the establishment wasn’t what I’ve expected at first. The booth was smack right in the middle of a storage area, with wooden pallets and boxes scattered around.

Simple waiting area

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. The staff were awesome. The safety instructions were clear. The game was fun. I had a blast.

To get to SOP, hop on the green line and take the train to Boon Lay. Walk right through the entrance of Jurong Point Mall and immediately you should spot the bus interchange. Board bus 181 and eight bus stops later (before the bus makes a U-turn), alight and you should be able to see the entrance to some sort of farm that deals with plants. Thong Hup Gardens, apparently. SOP lies somewhere inside.

Never would have guessed SOP was inside.

If anyone is interested in giving it a go, the prices offered are really reasonable. To play paintball at SOP, you’ll have to call and make a booking in advance. Check out SOP’s Facebook page here:


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