Welcoming the new semester

It has been a week since I started going back to Ngee Ann Polytechnic. I am SO excited for the rest of it. I study Mass Communications and in all honesty, I genuinely love what I am learning now. In the past, going to school was a mundane task, a chore that drained my soul. Expectations from the people around me were high. Now it is a different story.

At the time of graduation, my grades were awesome (in my opinion). I had six distinctions that could easily guarantee my entry into a popular junior college. But I did not want to face another two years of my life re-learning Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry… I dislike numbers, I dislike calculations, and I dislike formulas. I had enough of the vigorous curriculum I faced in secondary school. No more. Hence, I took a gamble. The rest of my classmates moved on to junior college, I was one of the few that went into the alternative direction.

Roughly six months in, I can say that was the best decision I’ve ever made. No regrets.

Enough of my rambling, let’s get to the main point. What’s up with the new semester?

New modules, that’s what. Digital Media Fundamentals, Photography, Location Production, Writing Communications, Media in Society and Sports and Wellness. Since it was the first week, there was little to cover. I did refresh my skills with Photoshop. I tried my hand at photography too.

P1120344  P1120348


I’ll get better.

New lecturers and classmates are added into the mix. We have some sort of rotation system where we change classes every semester. On the bright side, widening one’s social circles is more convenient. On the other hand, it breaks up the previous class we had into smaller groups. It took a while to build up the friendships but the effort just went straight out the window. We still chat over WhatsApp, but as the semester grows hectic I doubt we can spare the time for that. Everyone in my new class, excluding those from the last one, seemed pretty ‘chill’, but it’s too early to tell.

“This semester will be short,” they said. True, seeing as how one entire week was shaved from our calendar due to holidays. After this, it’s onto the second year. I’ll try not to mess anything up till then.


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