Kim’s Family Food

Good friends bring you to their food hangouts. Remember that.

I had classes in the afternoon that day, and they were nice enough to invite me along. Part of the reason why I agreed was because it was food. The biggest factor that came into play was that the restaurant we’re heading to offered Korean cuisine. KOREAN. CUISINE. [inserts vigorous nods of approval]


I flew to Korea last year and tasting the authentic flavours of Korean food was an incredible experience. The fact that it was winter was a bonus. No matter how much I ate a few hours before, I was always ready to dump more goodies into my stomach.

One of the delicacies I tried was Samgyetang (삼계탕), also known as chicken ginseng soup. It mainly contains Korean ginseng and a whole small chicken stuffed with rice. It became my instant favourite. You may think the ginseng may ruin the dish, but the one I ate in Korea? It was heavenly. You won’t understand until you tried it, and liked it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea (my sister disliked it a lot) but it is a must-try if you’re going to Korea and you’ve never eaten it before. Who knows? You may like it as much as I did.

Food of the gods

Kim’s Family Food had Samgyetang. And I was excited to try it again. No fancy ambience of any sort. The restaurant was small, simple, and there’s that.

It was cool to see signatures and scribblings all over the walls. Some of them were complete nonsense, however, I guess it was a good indication that the restaurant has seen its fair share of customers. It was a shame I didn’t bring any markers along.

Bring along a marker if you come!

The side dishes they served our table first was a sight to behold. Not enough? Just ask the waiters to refill the plates. Such generosity!

Unfortunately, I cannot handle spicy food. I tried. But I just can’t. Since a number of the side dishes had some form of spiciness, I reluctantly gave them up to my friends…

At least the Ikan Bilis was mine 😉

The restaurant was mostly empty when we were there, so our orders came rather swiftly. I had Samgyetang (of course), my other two friends chose seafood Doenjang-jjigae (된장찌개), or fermented soybean paste stew.

At first sight, it looked mouth-watering. Sadly, my expectations fell short. I was quite disappointed about my Samgyetang. It wasn’t the same. The ginseng somewhat overpowered the overall taste of the dish, and taking the first few spoonfuls of rice stuffed inside the chicken was slightly difficult because of the bitter taste that came with it.

I’m assuming either they placed too much ginseng, or the previous one I had in Korea contained different ingredients. Good points: the meat of the chicken was tender, the texture of the rice was smooth. I became slightly jealous of my other two friends’ Doenjang-jjigae:

With octopus, prawns and pieces of crab

I’ll recommend this place if you don’t mind spending a bomb. My Samgyetang alone costs $20. Yikes, that is quite a lot for me.

Kim’s Family Food opens from Monday to Sunday, from 12PM to 10PM. To get there, you can take bus 61, 66, 157, 173, 174, 174E, 970 or 985 and alight at Jln Jurong Kechil, Opp Blk 19.

Decent representation of how to get there from the bus stop

I may go back there again to try the other things on the menu. Samgyetang? Mmm… nahhh. I’ll wait till I fly to Korea again.


4 thoughts on “Kim’s Family Food

  1. Your opening statement is true! Like the doodle map 🙂 And am interested to read a review about Singaporean food if you write one at some point – my conception of it is poor. Only dish I really know is the fried noodles (星洲炒米), and am not sure what makes a Singaporean dish stand out among others in South-East Asia.


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