Stepping into the blogosphere

If you’ve seen my first blog post, you would have known why.

This whole blog is an experiment for me, but I am not exactly a stranger to the process. Years ago, in my early teens, I started out on Blogger with a blog named ‘Ola Amigo’. It was an outlet for me to recount the experiences I had in school. Regrettably, the initial drive I had for it slowly faded away, as I lost interest in dedicating myself to my blog. Now it is left stagnant in cyberspace.

Fast forward to the present and I am now, well, a better person. I’ve become more matured in my thinking and open-minded to different opinions. This ‘phase’ I’m currently in has led me to do a lot of self-reflection. I’ve pondered about who I truly was, and where do I want myself to be in the many years to come. I had many thoughts I wanted to express.

However, that is not the reason why I re-joined the world of blogging. You see, it was something way more simple. It may even seem superficial.

I wanted to go overseas.

In the School of Film & Media Studies, overseas study trips are highly sought after. Every trip will have a couple hundred of students vying for a mere twenty to thirty slots. The number will grow significantly if it is a popular destination, say San Francisco or Japan.

To clinch that coveted spot, you need to contribute. Writing articles, taking photographs, filming the trip, presenting the experience to their peers… I didn’t want to miss out, I want ‘in’ on the competition.

Hence, that was the first spark, the first indication that I will be returning to the blogosphere.

In the short time I’ve spent on WordPress, I stumbled upon many admirable people. People who had aspirations, who had perspectives on issues, who wanted to get their message out there. It was inspiring, and the community I’ve seen here is so much more connected as compared to the early days of ‘Ola Amigo’. My focus has somewhat changed. The main reason is still there, but I wonder if I can turn this into a hobby or something more.

23 days so far. Let’s keep this up.


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