Lyrics by heart

I’ve been trying out Blogging 101 at my own pace and now find myself with the task to make a daily prompt personal. Today’s prompt(and by today, I mean yesterday) seems fun to write about as well. So, here’s my first ever attempt.

My mom used to play this for me when I was a child. I wasn’t able to comprehend the song, but I did feel something whenever I listened to it. It was always so soothing to listen to. Truly a classic.

As I grew up, I gradually forgot about it. It would probably have stayed that way, if my friend didn’t start playing that very song on her phone. It grabbed my attention so quickly I whipped around to face her and almost shouted, “WHAT SONG IS THAT?” “I’ll Remember You,” she said. And I sang along. Erm, to be more precise, I hummed to the melody. I couldn’t recall most of the lyrics, but the chorus firmly remained in my mind. I was surprised. Even after all these years.

♪”I’ll remember you And baby that’s forever true You’re the one that I’ll always miss Never thought it would feel like this

I’ll be there for you, No matter what you’re going through In my heart you’ll always be, forever baby I’ll remember you”♪

I went home, listened to it more closely, and I finally realised its meaning. It definitely is a song revolved around love. However, to me, it signified the close relationship I have with my best friends. At that time, we were nearing graduation day and going our separate ways.

It may seem not that much of a big deal since Singapore is so tiny and we could easily hang out anytime. But we won’t have the time. Each of us will have our own commitments and obligations to fulfil. That is why I found the song so much more beautiful.

Friendship is something I value greatly. It doesn’t matter how much popularity or acceptance I got. As long as I have those I care about sticking by my side, I couldn’t ask for better friends.


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