Maison Ikkoku

Once again, another foodie adventure, this time in an area so confusing I have no clue how to get to this cafe. I just followed my cousin blindly.

Whatever, I was never good with directions anyway.

To quote Maison Ikkoku’s description from their website: “A lifestyle destination combining a café centered on quality coffee by day and a cocktail bar by night.” I cannot confirm the facts because one, I do not drink coffee, at all. And two, I did not know there was an entire second storey or a bar in the cafe. So there’s that.

The first storey was a little bit of a squeeze. There were probably only five tables, and walking space is limited. It was most inconvenient at the counter, as those walking in will end up bumping shoulders with others making their orders. Sitting down with four people was a little cramped, seriously, why have such long seats taking up space when the tables are less than three-quarters of the seats’ lengths? The only plus point of the layout was the cosy feeling it gave. Unfortunately, the bright lights in the restaurant ruined that ambience to an extent.

Inside Maison Ikkoku

The food was good though. Real good.

Want something sweet? Try something like French Toast with Caramel Banana. For a more savoury taste, maybe Signature Eggs Benedict works for you. I was in the mood for the latter, so my cousin recommended it to me. My sister had Smoked Salmon Scrambled (because the former was not available).

Let’s start with mine. It was on the pricier side of the menu, $22 for a set. But woah it was delicious. The egg yolk with the homemade hollandaise sauce complemented the ham and bread extremely well, and stabbing the egg was fun too. There was also a hint of sourness that (thankfully) didn’t overpower the dish. My only problem with the Eggs Benedict was that particular sour taste became more evident as I finished up my plate (taste buds aren’t liking sour foods). Also, those are not cherries, they are cute round watermelon pieces.

More mouth-watering in real life than it looks here.

Also, a cup of hot chocolate.


I managed to grab a few bites of my sister’s Smoked Salmon Scrambled. I was honestly a little envious of her food because the combination of the salmon, sour cream and guacamole was amazing. The salmon had just the right amount of salt and man, it was so soft (for lack of a better word). The eggs tasted like, well, eggs. The chives were a nice addition though. The dish also included some sort of avocado salad thing? I’m not sure, I didn’t eat it.

I want 😦

As I said before, I do not know how to get there so here’s the closest thing I can give: 20 Kandahar Street Singapore 198885. Haji Lane, one of Singapore’s fashionista paradises, is nearby too!

Bought some clothes here

Maison Ikkoku, highly recommended, if you don’t mind the squeeze 😉


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