Because I’m happy

Are you a happy person?

I have friends who wonder how do I always seem to look so troubled-free almost all the time. To some extent, it is true. I try my hardest never to put myself in a situation that comes with a price. Romantic relationships? Popularity? I stay away from these as much as possible. But I’m still human. I have my own troubles and feelings. However, I keep them all bottled in and continue living oh-so-merrily. It’s a neat little trick I picked up, convincing my mind to be that way. And no, I am 100% positive I am not deceiving myself.

This video was shown to me during the previous semester, and it left a very deep impression on me. Check it out below.


Although I do not agree with the fact that the speaker associated happiness with science; because I see happiness as an abstract, human emotion that simply cannot be described by facts about the brain alone, but he does make a point. Ever wonder how some of the poorest families in the world can still lead happy lives like those of the rich? Happiness is subjective, you can’t quantify it, so what exactly makes a person happier than another? Nothing. It’s all you. You decide how happy you want to be. You can be stuck in the worst situation in the world like the man who got accused wrongly for a crime and went to prison. But you can still come out of it as the happiest man, or woman on Earth.

With all the portrayals of ‘true happiness’ in the media A.K.A movies, shows and dramas, I find a fair number of people believing that ‘true happiness’ can be found or earned, like an object. Some see it as having riches, finding love, getting that one dream job. But they don’t do that. These things don’t GIVE you happiness; they don’t wrap it up in a box, tie it with a ribbon and give it to you. You generate and feel these emotions yourself. At the end of the day, an ordinary 17-year old teenager with the typical teenager problems can still be a happy-go-lucky dudette.

I can’t speak for everyone in this world because I know every person is different and the problems they find themselves in aren’t always the same as somebody else’s. At the very least, this is how I believe people should be living like.

Why be miserable, when you can be the opposite? Every single day? Is that not more appealing?



Blogging 101: Day Nine


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