Hell of a week

So many things, and so little time.

The hell week is looming upon our class. It’s next week to be exact. Deadlines for our debate and our second photography assignment, three days of filming for a little horror story, plus two tests. And I have to design a website by next week.

My friends were all telling me that I look super chill about everything but believe me, I’m not. I won’t say I am stressed out, more like having a million thoughts running through my mind at the moment. I am also a little apprehensive about rushing my team mates for their work because I don’t want to be THAT guy (or girl). Time management has never been this intensive.

Good thing is, I’ll be following a bunch of weirdos to an anime convention this weekend. I get to unwind a little, and I can use the opportunity to hopefully complete my photography assignment. [sighs] People photography is not my forte.

Once we get past all these tight schedules, it’s going to be a two-week break for us! And I don’t know how else to end this, but here is a totally unrelated and random horror story recommendation so you cannot fall asleep tonight! How cool is that? 😀


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