Midway, and lots of coding

Woah, we are already halfway through January? Really?

I thought the previous hell week was bad. But the remaining weeks till the end of my current semester is utter damnation. Three weeks to film another short film, creating a website and writing a research essay in two weeks, and next week I have a photo essay to hand up. Do note I did not mention exams yet.

As always, I’m trying to keep my spirits up. If generations before me overcame this ‘crisis’ too, surely I can do the same? Good thing is, I have passion on my side. Killing brain cells for hard work is worthwhile.

Speaking of passion, I may have a newfound interest in web design. There is nothing concrete yet but when I was busy typing away at my laptop and inserting div tags, I was surprisingly having fun. This is very, very odd because it never occurred to me that I am actually be decent at it.

Earlier this morning, I almost jumped out of my chair when I FINALLY figured out how to arrange elements on my page side by side. A true ‘Eureka!’ moment right there. Oh, it sounds easy? Hell no!

I would love to share my website and its many dummy links with WordPress. Sadly, I am not too comfortable about revealing personal information. Therefore, here’s a small sneak peek:

The middle of the page is a slideshow. Praise jQuery!

The middle of the page is a slideshow. Praise jQuery!

Tags, HTML, more tags!

Tags, HTML, more tags!

Hope the rest of January goes smoothly for everyone else. 2015 started off awful with a couple of tragic events. Do stay safe and take care!


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