What happens when 1000 players play Pokemon Red together?

Hilarity and chaos ensue.

Twitch always comes up with some of the strangest ideas when it comes to gaming. One memorable antic they attempted was getting a fish (yes, a fish) to play Pokemon. Ah, dear ol’ Grayson.

Just this morning, I stumbled upon a post on Flipboard about a “social experiment” carried out by the Twitch community. The headline raised my eyebrows instantly. Apparently, the ever-changing group of players have beaten the Elite Four a while back. However, it was only yesterday they managed to capture all 151 original Pokemon. An impressive feat if you’ll ask me, considering there are hundreds of players mashing random buttons in hope of progress.

The erratic movements of the main character and the game mindlessly opening and closing the menu gave me quite a giggle. Not to mention the reaction of the chat at times was priceless.

Even though I played no part whatsoever in finishing the game, it’s still cool to watch. As they say, gotta catch em’ all.


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