That hashtag you see there? That is the tag for one of the most satisfying camps I’ve experienced in the 17 years of my not-so-action-packed life.

I found myself applying to be a member of the programme committee for FMSFBC2015, otherwise known as Film & Media Studies Freshmen Bonding Camp. Why? I’m uncertain, but I have a slight suspicion that one of the reasons was my subconscious wanting to avoid social interaction with strangers (I’m not good at it).

Nevertheless, I’ve dedicated myself to the role and preparations started. Over the course of one month, my awesome PLOG (programme and logistics) team wrecked brain cells to make FMSFBC2015 as good as last year’s, if not more. We planned, saw some of our plans fail, re-planned, did trials and whatnot. And painting. Lots and lots of painting. Ugh.

The PLOG members were a bunch of weirdos. Thankfully, they were warm and welcoming from the start. Friendly insults, lots of sexual jokes and lame puns make up most of the conversations. I don’t see myself getting along with a few of them because we ‘belong to different worlds’ but all in all, I could count on them to get things done.

I did a bit here and there, but most of my time was spent on night games. The ‘night games’ team came up with plenty of ideas, most of which were intense. We decided on having five different rounds of games, namely ‘Ice and Water’, a tag-snatching game, chicken fights, dodgeball and a heavily modified version of netball/captain’s ball. That gratification you feel when you see your efforts bear fruit is so, so sweet.

In no time at all, camp was upon us. The theme for this year was Mythology, and the three tribes were Odin, Ra and Zeus. I was not with the freshies most of the time since we work behind-the-scenes. My first encounter with them happened during the Amazing Race, where I was Station Master for one of the most hilarious games that day. I had the authority to make the freshies crawl in a sleeping bag, how awesome is that? Move on the games, yadayadayada~ The next day, we had the Final Clash between the three tribes. In the end, Zeus won Best Tribe and man, they were overjoyed to the point of tears. Kudos to them!

The most fun part about camp? HANDS DOWN HOP NIGHT! Turn up the music! Bring the house down! Everybody dancing their hearts out! As soon as music blared through the speakers, I went nuts. NO REGRETS THOUGH!


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