Watch your words

Where I live, you are expected to be mindful of what you say.

After all, we are labelled as a ‘multi-racial’ and ‘multi-religious’ society. People of different faiths and races live alongside one another in a tiny country. I was told to be sensitive to others’ beliefs, hence I avoided topics of religion.

That’s not to say that you are absolutely forbidden from bringing it up for discussion. It depends on the circumstances. It would be more comfortable for two parties sharing the same religious beliefs to engage in conversation. Or maybe you wish to comment about the news without bringing religion into the picture (innocent victims due to ISIS activities for example). If you’re perhaps simply enquiring out of curiosity, that’s fine too.

However, what if we have, say, an atheist and a Christian? Warning flags should begin popping up if you’re considering saying something offensive. Why go to such lengths to ruin a relationship even before it started?

It’s about respect. You may not agree with his or her way of thinking, you may even feel strongly against it. In the end, you’re not him or her. We are all brought up in completely different settings and exposed to separate beliefs, attitudes and opinions. What right do we have to insult their way of life? Wouldn’t it be better to show tolerance and respect?

Want to have a discussion on religion? By all means, go ahead. Just remember to watch your words.


2 thoughts on “Watch your words

  1. I can relate to your blog, I live in a small country too that is multi-racial and multi-religious. Not a lot of intense discussions here either about religion, and that’s fine by me. Let’s just respect each other, and try to view things from the other persons standpoint. If everyone did that, the world would be a better place!


    • Definitely. We still have a lot of room for improvement. I don’t think massive changes will be happening anytime soon, but it’s heartwarming to see more people growing to accept one another.

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