Erase cramps off the face of Earth!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Placebo Effect.”

If the title didn’t already give it away, yes I would love for cramps to disappear forever.

Shush, I know it’s not an illness but a natural occurrence that happens to many women. But you can’t deny it is one of the most frustrating too! It ups the ‘cranky’ level by 10.

I suffer from terrible cramps every month. There is this one incident, still firmly etched in my mind. I was in school, I started feeling awful and I made a beeline for the washroom right before assembly. I remained in there for the next 20 minutes.

It was downright horrible. I was puking up my breakfast – I could taste the sour, acidic taste from my stomach, then the second time, it was bitter. The pain wouldn’t go away! It grew worse! It took so much strength out of me, I just slid down the cubicle wall and sat on the floor feeling useless. In the end, I sent a SOS to my mom (thank god I had my phone). I went home, changed and slept like a log.

Part of it was my fault, really. I drank coconut juice the day before. However, it doesn’t change the fact.

Cramps are bad.

Please get rid of them.


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