Life Update: 1st Week of Break

I have an awful habit.

Whenever I get a break, I huddle at home and do nothing but watch movies, play games, go on Youtube etc. I don’t have the energy to drag myself out of the house.

I do have a few plans though. There are a couple of local writing competitions that I’ve set my sights on. It’s the first time I am planning to write a story, actually. I have to find interviewees for the second term (ugh). Most importantly, revision for upcoming tests.

For the past week, some things happened. I got addicted to this game called Jeezus, I can’t control myself. Once I start, I can’t stop. Basically, it’s all about being a cell and you’re trying to get bigger but eating other cells. This game brought out the trash-talking side of me.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 1.21.56 pm

The first time I made it to top 3 on the leaderboard FIGHT ME

The second thing is Baracuda Batucada practice. I didn’t mention this beforehand but I auditioned/applied for the school’s percussion club. I was really really really hoping to get in. You can imagine how delighted I was when I received the long-awaited call (something awkward took place but I’m not telling).

My main instrument is the tamborim. Not a tambourine. No metal jingles here. You’re supposed to whack it with, quote, “several flexible nylon or polyacetal threads bound together”. Rapid-fire whacking, that is.

Noisier than it looks

Noisier than it looks

I did a bit of research into the percussion club and discovered they play a specific substyle of samba called Batucada (hence the club name?) specialising in repetitive and fast-paced beats. It’s incredibly noisy. I love it.

Heavier than samba, lighter than rock. Aw yeah.

Mmkay, bye 😀


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