First and foremost, congratulations to the LGBT community! The fact that the United States legalised same-sex marriage is amazing. As a supporter, it is very exciting to know that more and more people can now choose who they want to love! ❤️

Also, I think it is absolutely adorable how they are rainbows everywhere now. Have you seen Twitter? They give you a cute little rainbow heart every time you tweet #lovewins.

This is such a huge step for them. Imagine! Before all this, it was illegal for two men or two women in love to marry each other. Something as abstract and beautiful as love is restricted because it’s seen as ‘wrong’. Now, they can walk hand in hand and proudly declare their love for each other.

I know this piece of news will come with its share of haters. And I’m totally cool with it. People are entitled to their own opinions. However, I admit it irks me when some really take it to the extreme.

To add on, I would like to point out that this ISN’T going to destroy procreation. Sheesh, not everyone will start falling in love with the same gender just because marriage equality is a thing. Personally, I don’t see myself marrying another woman.

It’s not a matter of influence either. Marriage requires commitment. If you aren’t dedicated to loving someone, whatever the gender is, what is the point of spending the rest of your life with that person? I doubt anyone will feel the urge to suddenly change their partner preferences just because of this law.

Because love is more than that.

So let’s celebrate this moment in history and bask in all of its glory. Three cheers for love! HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY!


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