The Wright Game to Play: Ace Attorney Trilogy

It has been such a long, long time since my last post. During this period of being missing in action, I got caught up in a new game I was playing to the point my life even revolved around it at some point.

TAKE THAT! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy!

I completed the final game in the trilogy just last night at 2am. It is SUCH A GREAT GAME. I’ll never regret making the decision to begin playing it a month ago.

If you didn’t already know, the Ace Attorney series is a game that puts you in a fictional world along with its equally fictional judicial system. You primarily play as a defense attorney named Phoenix Wright, which is this individual here:

Phoenix Wright

There are also a ton of other characters – Maya and Pearl Fey (cool spirit mediums), Mia Fey (your badass mentor), Miles Edgeworth (childhood friend and a downright tsundere), Dick Gumshoe (blur detective), Fransizka von Karma (prosecutor with a crazy whip), Godot (coffee addict) and Larry Butz (ultimate troublemaker). And don’t let me start on the other side characters.

So yes, as a defense attorney, you defend your clients in court. And the great thing about Wright is his bullshitting (for lack of a better word). The logic in the game is so nonsensical it hurts your brain sometimes. But it’s a game and it’s enjoyable as hell so everything’s good.

This game is literally a visual novel, yet clicking through lines and lines and lines of dialogue and inner monologue never felt like a chore (thank goodness for the fast forward feature). Investigating was slightly tedious. I got stuck for an hour once… Face-palmed when I found out I had to talk to Maya to activate the next part of gameplay.

Oh, I forgot to mention attorneys and prosecutors play the role of investigators as well, and can freely travel and obtain evidence from crime scenes, which is quite impossible in reality. Games.

I’ll give full points to the story and characterisation though. Over three games, I think the game did an amazing job making you love, hate and empathise with the various characters. Many of them have tragic back stories and the way those weave into the main storyline is just superb [bias alert!].

/whispers/ And I love Godot. That is all.

He gets all deep and when you least expect it, his quirky side slips out. I can’t take him seriously, especially when his jazzy theme song plays. He drinks 17 cups of coffee per trial day too? How???

Before you go, here’s some sweet tunes. Have a good day.


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