Bingsoo, so good

Back into the past! Cue a mini review of a Korean dessert I had several weeks ago.

We had a lot on our hands then and some scrubs saw eating as a tempting escape. Four of us headed for Bukit Timah Plaza. Not too far off from my the bus stop in front of my school. Take 52, 61, 75 or 184 and you’ll be there in two stops.

IMG_2015-08-21 17:21:59

The restaurant was small, a little cramped. The owners were smart though, I was surprised to find that the chairs were also storage boxes.

The guilty pleasure on the menu was Korean Bingsoo! Bingsu? It’s shaved ice combined with condensed milk, and a topping of your choice. A Singaporean can call it the equivalent of ‘ice kachang’. It’s getting popular lately. I predict that in no time at all, it’ll be Singapore’s next food fad, after bubble tea and yogurt (diffusion of innovation… ugh this is what exams do to you).


Which one suits your fancy?

The dessert is quite a pricey one. $11 at least. On the bright side, it is huge. You can’t finish it alone (for me, anyway), so bring a friend or your special someone along ehhhhh?~ [winks]

I was in the mood for Oreo so my friend (a.k.a. trash lord) and I went with that while the other two had Choco Banana. The condensed milk is already inside the dessert, but if you want to add more, they’ll provide a small container.



It looks amazing. And tastes good. You may not be fond of the shaved ice mixed with condensed milk though. For me, it tasted odd. But my friends loved it. To each his own.

Rating: 3.5/5


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