Siam Square Mookata

Behold! Another food review! This time, it’s Mookata. A form of Thai-style steamboat? Siam Square has a number of outlets around Singapore, and another outlet was opened recently in the kopitiam in Bukit Batok Shopping Centre.

Siam Square

FYI, kopitiams are traditional coffee shops.

If you’re planning to order a lot, you may want to wait around for seats at a larger table. The ones on the inside can only accommodate four people. Worse still, the fans on the ceiling may drive the heat from the stove towards you. Very unpleasant.

There’s ‘indoor’ and ‘outdoor’ seats. PS: Siam Square Mookata is not on this side of the kopitiam.

So how it works is you go to the stall and grab one of their menu checklists. When you’re done picking your ingredients, return to the stall (don’t forget to tell them your table number!). Then wait. During this time, they should also bring over a stove, chilli/sauces and chicken soup stock.

And here is how it looks like:

There's two ways you can cook the ingredients - boil or grill.

There’s two ways you can cook the ingredients – boil or grill.

I only ate there twice, but based on my experiences, here’s what you should or shouldn’t order:

Yay – Bacon, Smoked Duck, Sliced Fish, Egg Tofu

Nay – Sliced Pork, Siam2 Salmon

Everything mentioned above was grilled. Bacon is self-explanatory. Smoked duck was sweet and tender. The sliced fish was incredibly soft. If the taste is underwhelming, just grill it a little longer and you’ll get to savour it in all its glory. And Egg Tofu is THE mom’s recommendation.

On the other hand, the sliced pork had a rough texture and chewing on it was tough. Don’t be fooled by the word ‘salmon’ too, or you’ll be sorely disappointed. The ingredient is no salmon. If I had to describe it, it’s like a mix between a fish ball and a meat ball. Shaped like a salmon though, I’ll give it that.

You can always ask for seconds by popping over at their stall. They accept payment only when you’re done with your meal. Quite daring of them. I heard some customers ran off without paying 😦

To sum it up, a 4 out of 5 from me. [by the way the soup tastes best after the oil and juice from the grilled ingredients drips into it]

And here's a map for yah

And here’s a map for yah


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