Semester Round-up!

The first semester of the second year concluded last week with a examinations on Public Relations. Good lord, I do not want to touch that ever again. Not my cup of tea.

If I had to describe the past few months in a single word… ‘Frightening’. You may think it’s quite the exaggeration. Half right. In the beginning, it was sugar, spice and everything nice. Then, it grew progressively worse. I’m a passive person, so being in the middle of all the conflict was… uncomfortable.

This time round, we took part 2 of Radio Production and feature writing. Those were the fun ones, and also the most hectic and challenging. The other three modules – Public Relations, Media Business Management and Communication Issues, were… meh. Don’t get me wrong, they’re important. Just not as enjoyable.

This semester confirmed that radio is not my forte at all. We use a NETIA console for our practicals. Multitasking between that and talking ‘on-air’ (we don’t actually go live) gives me so much anxiety. I like being organised and prepared, so my first and second ‘shows’ went without a hitch. Ha… I say that, but on the inside I was freaking out. The third was a ‘live’ talk show with a guest. Since it was all spontaneous, I had to think on my feet and I am terrible with that. Trust me, you won’t want to listen to all my ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’.

Feature Writing has to be THE highlight of the semester. The module that left students on the verge of a breakdown. We had to create a 24-page magazine for our final project. I was one of the two designers on the team. I dabbled a little in Photoshop in my secondary school days and picked up a lot during my first year in poly. However, I’ve never attempted anything on such a scale. I had my doubts on whether I could pull it off for my team. On hindsight, I am grateful for the experience. This magazine dragged me out of my comfort zone. Even though I lost hours of sleep, the moment when the actual magazine was printed and handed over to our team made the efforts worth it. I’m no pro, but I gave it my all. I wanted to show my designs here, but I’m not risking getting called on for plagiarism (even if it’s my own work heh). Maybe showing the cover is alright:

What do you think? Although I don't think I'll do anything design-related in the future, it's always good to learn.

What do you think? Although I don’t think I’ll do anything design-related in the future, it’s always good to learn.

The holidays have already started, so I’m going to sit back and relax. Life is great.


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