Morib Getaway

I recently had a four-day stay in Malaysia. I have not seen my relatives and cousins there in months, since Chinese New Year to be exact. The trip back to my second home was more hyped-up this time round. We were to spend two days in a ‘penthouse’ at a resort in Banting.

Gold Coast Morib International Resort. Fancy.


We took a flight to Malaysia instead of the bus/train option. I knew the journey was going to be short, but the travel time still surprised me. About 30-40 minutes in, I was about to doze off when the landing announcement was made. Guess I’m too used to six-hour KTM rides.

We drove to the resort a day after arrival. We had a few hours to burn before check-in, so the whole family visited the beach.

It was beautiful. There was nothing but the sea and sky in the horizon. The distinct tide line along the entire stretch of the shore. Hundreds of tiny holes littering the beach and sand crabs darting from one to the next.



Made a little friend

I was disappointed when we had to leave for lunch but the rest promised to visit the place again at night, when we go crab-hunting. Fast-forward to check-in. Our room was located on the top floor. As soon as the door was open, I went ‘woah’. I know. There are probably a thousand other hotels out there with top-notch accommodation, better than Morib. However, I’m not picky. And I’ve stayed in worse places.

My mom was the one who pointed out the flaws of this penthouse. Maybe I’m an oblivious scrub or simply can’t be bothered. A lot of surfaces were dusty, the air-conditioner wasn’t keeping up with the heat and the bed I slept on made loud creaking noises (turns out the bed frame was partially broken). So there’s that.

850637380_2012142058405552134After exploring the place, I stepped out on the balcony. We got a sweet view of the sea, as well as the water park below. Yes, Morib has a small water theme park.

I had a really great time, it has been ages since I visited a water theme park/swimming pool. Oh, and I succeeded in learning how to swim too! Uhm, sort of. Still can’t seem to get a handle on the whole breathing thing so I can’t move too far in the water.

We played for hours. I was burning all of my energy but I kept going. Gotta make the most out of it, ya know? Opening hours ended at 7pm and we got kicked out. Tsk. On the bright side, I got a much-needed, refreshing, hot shower. After a steamboat dinner at the penthouse, we armed ourselves with torch lights and went to the beach once more.

It was almost pitch black. Like, holy shit. If the nearby pier wasn’t lit up, we’ll be wandering to goodness-knows-where in the darkness. And the sea. My torch is quite the powerhouse, yet I couldn’t see how far out the tide had gone. Not being able to see it is one thing, but I couldn’t hear anything. No lapping waves. Nothing. It was as if the sea itself vanished. Quite an unsettling experience. We didn’t wander for too long. I would have stayed around but some of us were worried the tide may suddenly rise and we’ll get caught in it. Never underestimate the sea, as they say.

Our crab hunt didn’t go as planned. My cousins were disappointed so someone suggested to sing at the nearby KTV. We booked two rooms. Let’s just say there was a lot of screaming and terrible tunes that night. An hour for one room is 50RM. You decide if the price is reasonable; I’m not a frequent visitor of KTVs.

Didn't take a picture of the inside so here's one from Google - rooms not shown

Didn’t take a picture of the inside so here’s one from Google – rooms not shown

The rest of our stay was simply a repeat of the first day. The last thing is the complimentary buffet for hotel guests. We were given six coupons (the penthouse is meant to house six but we had more people than that, oops). The food was meh. Some were good, such as the mini pancakes. Others like the milk and cereal… yeah.

We’re planning another trip soon, for next year. I can barely wait.


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