I survived.

Year 2 is done. Gone. Finished. Forever.

…How in the world did I survive?

If you haven’t noticed, I have not posted anything since last year (hue hue). I had intended to continue with my Hong Kong travel diary but school came in and took over my soul time. But now. At the conclusion of this roller coaster ride, I can finally breathe and proudly declare that I have conquered one of the hardest periods of my life.

This semester was notorious for being absolute hell. Both among my cohort and seniors. “Oh it can’t be thaaaaat bad,” you think. WELL YOU THOUGHT WRONG. Six modules for Mass Communication plus three for Interdisciplinary Studies. Each one equally as tough as the others.

Time for good ol’ summaries instead of rambling on and on about the entire semester. This uh… might be boring.

Why are you even reading this???


TV Production is almost like a video game

I’m not talking about the paperwork. Or 80% of what the module has to offer. It’s really just one of the roles. We call it the ‘vision mixer’. Do you ever notice the changes in camera shots on television? I didn’t before. But that’s the job of a VM. You push buttons on a console, the screen flickers and switches to another angle. You put up graphics and videos too.

I got the role for our final project and holyyyyyy crap, it was pure adrenaline. Especially if you don’t know what the heck you’re doing. There’s a lot to take in – director cues, time, the script, the lecturer yelling in the background (she’s great, by the way).

It’s a lot of pressure and there’s barely any time to think. But I had fun – feels like I’m battling it out on a fighting game and mashing buttons (please don’t mash the buttons on the console).



Nuff said.

And it’s rude to talk about someone who MIGHT BE listening 🙂


Newspaper design is not as easy as it looks

I did a thing for Feature Writing last semester so to a CERTAIN extent, I am acquainted with my buddy Indesign. Newspaper formats are straightforward. Fairly simple, with the exception of text alignment.

Picture this. The sentence you’re working on is a perfect fit for the column. You realise you missed a word. You add it in. The sentence runs into the next line. The entire passage shifts downwards. It exceeds the boundaries of the text box. It disappears.



Hyped for internship!

It’s not just me. Everyone is. It’s amusing to see them getting all worked up over what company they will get assigned to. Some friends of mine are heading overseas, while others are working in local establishments such as Singapore Airlines, SPH, etcetera etcetera.

I’m carrying out my internship with my an Industry-based Project (IBP). The idea of being a part of the school’s media conglomerate (a.k.a. m:dea) is so cool. Good portfolio and good money too, as long as you don’t slack off 😀

In about two weeks, I will start working in the Marcomms department, plus taking on a side role for design. I still don’t understand why they approached me to join the design team. I mean… I’m not very confident? But if they’re offering me a chance to try, might as well grab it and make the most out of it.

Honestly, what could go wrong? Everything.




2 thoughts on “I survived.

  1. Congratulations on finishing the second year! Your studies sound like my daughters’, let’s just say I smiled at your internal screeching at the sentence that ruined the rest of the mockup in Indesign!


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