GreenDot (WestGate)

I don’t take healthy eating seriously. I can appreciate it, but I don’t want to be restricted by concerns like calculating the calories in a Sausage McMuffin. As long as it tastes good, I’ll take it. If it’s healthy, it’s a bonus. So I’ll like to take this chance to recommend GreenDot.

I would have never ever stepped foot into the aforementioned restaurant if it weren’t for my sister’s friend. Like I said, healthy eating isn’t on my top ten priority list. The outlet’s at Westgate in the Jurong East area (I keep mixing up this mall with the JEM mall – they are right next to each other).

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Singaporean food!

A while back, a fellow WordPress user, thepinkpigeonpost, stopped by my blog and asked me to show some Singaporean food. Many ideas came to mind, but it’s not that easy.

One thing about my country that I’m proud of is our food paradise. It comes with our multi-racial and multi-religious culture. Whatever you can think of, chances are a street stall or a restaurant in this ‘tiny red dot’ offers it. Not everything, but enough variety to leave one spoilt for choice.

However, how exactly do we define Singaporean food when most of it originated from elsewhere? I don’t know the answer to that. We do have our famous Hainanese Chicken Rice and Chilli Crab, but I want to go into other alternatives that tourists (maybe Singaporeans?) may not know about.

Hence, instead of Singaporean food, here is a list of some of Singapore’s (in my opinion, anyway) favourites!

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Maison Ikkoku

Once again, another foodie adventure, this time in an area so confusing I have no clue how to get to this cafe. I just followed my cousin blindly.

Whatever, I was never good with directions anyway.

To quote Maison Ikkoku’s description from their website: “A lifestyle destination combining a café centered on quality coffee by day and a cocktail bar by night.” I cannot confirm the facts because one, I do not drink coffee, at all. And two, I did not know there was an entire second storey or a bar in the cafe. So there’s that.

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Taste the rainbow🌈

Yesterday, I overheard a conversation about cupcakes.

For some reason, a wave of nostalgia hit me. You see, I was a Girl Guide years ago. And y’know being part of the Girl Guides, we were always stereotyped as the ‘girl-next-door who sells cookies’. However, we are more than that! We can go hardcore; pitching tents, starting fires, building structures, camping outdoors and sleeping with the bugs, crawl in mud and other wacky antics.

But I digress.

We held a cooking lesson once, to teach our juniors a couple of recipes. The one recipe that stood out the most? You guessed it. Rainbow coloured cupcakes.

The first time I made this pretty lil’ thing.

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Kim’s Family Food

Good friends bring you to their food hangouts. Remember that.

I had classes in the afternoon that day, and they were nice enough to invite me along. Part of the reason why I agreed was because it was food. The biggest factor that came into play was that the restaurant we’re heading to offered Korean cuisine. KOREAN. CUISINE. [inserts vigorous nods of approval]


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