I survived.

Year 2 is done. Gone. Finished. Forever.

…How in the world did I survive?

If you haven’t noticed, I have not posted anything since last year (hue hue). I had intended to continue with my Hong Kong travel diary but school came in and took over my soul time. But now. At the conclusion of this roller coaster ride, I can finally breathe and proudly declare that I have conquered one of the hardest periods of my life.

This semester was notorious for being absolute hell. Both among my cohort and seniors. “Oh it can’t be thaaaaat bad,” you think. WELL YOU THOUGHT WRONG. Six modules for Mass Communication plus three for Interdisciplinary Studies. Each one equally as tough as the others.

Time for good ol’ summaries instead of rambling on and on about the entire semester. This uh… might be boring.

Why are you even reading this???

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