Fallen Down: Undertale

This post should have been a long time coming. Since the game was released on the 15th of September, I’m obviously late to jump on the bandwagon. Undertale is popular, madly popular, sprouting memes and raving reviews over the net.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 4.45.15 pm

Undertale follows the journey of a young human who has fallen underground – into the world of monsters. You control this child, and lead the way to the surface.

Now, I would like to say that I’ve never bought a game from the Steam Store before. Because:

A. I own a Mac.

B. Nothing interests me.

C. Moolah

D. I own a Mac.

Then, little comments here and there started creeping in. “Everyone HAS to play this,” “Personal game of the year,” “The experience is nothing short of magical,” “I feel alive,” “MOM 😦 “. So I took a sneak peek by watching a play-through on YouTube. Then I saw this.

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