2015 Roundup

I needed something to wrap up 2015. So here is a list of what made 2015 amazing for me, in no particular order:

  • Became trash for a pun-loving troll of a skeleton
  • Got dunked on 123 times by said skeleton
  • Learnt to slice zombies with a ninja sword
  • Bullshitted my way through trials in the courtroom
  • High-fived Buddha
  • Return of the kings, B.A.P
  • Senpais noticed me!!!!
  • Crying over anime
  • Crying over next year’s anime
  • Survived part 1 and part 2.1 of Year 2 in the polytechnic
  • Miraculously managed to not lose the tiny cover for my phone’s charging point
  • Newfound appreciation for memes
  • Befriended many cats
  • Self-taught swimming and kickass water slides
  • FINALLY got my own personal healthcare assistant
  • Acquired clubbing spirit
  • Understood many truths about the universe
  • okay but this is legit I had my first lucid dreaming experience not too long ago it was pretty rad
  • I ate a snail
  • And best of all, spent time with family, nerds, scrubs and losers ❤


There’s a lot more where it came from but I don’t remember them. Please excuse my terrible memory.

Happy New Year, everyone. May 2016 be good to you all.

My Personal Obsession

I need to know if anyone out there feels the same way as me.

Whenever you play a game, or write a story, or fantasise about incredible tales within the realms of imagination, do you have the urge to name your characters differently?

By ‘different’, I mean a few things. The spelling has to be different (this is a given). Then, this is where my obsession kicks in. I cannot stand it if the first letter of one character’s name is the same as another. The last syllable of each name should not share similar pronunciation either.

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Life Update: 1st Week of Break

I have an awful habit.

Whenever I get a break, I huddle at home and do nothing but watch movies, play games, go on Youtube etc. I don’t have the energy to drag myself out of the house.

I do have a few plans though. There are a couple of local writing competitions that I’ve set my sights on. It’s the first time I am planning to write a story, actually. I have to find interviewees for the second term (ugh). Most importantly, revision for upcoming tests.

For the past week, some things happened. I got addicted to this game called Agar.io. Jeezus, I can’t control myself. Once I start, I can’t stop. Basically, it’s all about being a cell and you’re trying to get bigger but eating other cells. This game brought out the trash-talking side of me.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 1.21.56 pm

The first time I made it to top 3 on the leaderboard FIGHT ME

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Erase cramps off the face of Earth!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Placebo Effect.”

If the title didn’t already give it away, yes I would love for cramps to disappear forever.

Shush, I know it’s not an illness but a natural occurrence that happens to many women. But you can’t deny it is one of the most frustrating too! It ups the ‘cranky’ level by 10.

I suffer from terrible cramps every month. There is this one incident, still firmly etched in my mind. I was in school, I started feeling awful and I made a beeline for the washroom right before assembly. I remained in there for the next 20 minutes.

It was downright horrible. I was hurling up my breakfast – a sour, acidic taste lingered, and right after it warped into a terrible bitterness. The pain wouldn’t go away! Like an unpaid chef who decided to take out his anger on a lump of dough (aka my abdomen) with a rolling pin. My strength was all but gone, and I just slid down the cubicle wall in defeat. In the end, I sent a SOS to my mom (thank god I had my phone). She, along with a guard, came to my rescue. Leaning against their shoulders, I hobbled to class, grabbed my bag and headed home (not before puking once more). I slept like a log that day.

Part of it was my fault, really. I drank coconut juice the day before. However, it doesn’t change the fact.

Cramps are bad.

Please get rid of them.

Watch your words

Where I live, you are expected to be mindful of what you say.

After all, we are labelled as a ‘multi-racial’ and ‘multi-religious’ society. People of different faiths and races live alongside one another in a tiny country. I was told to be sensitive to others’ beliefs, hence I avoided topics of religion.

That’s not to say that you are absolutely forbidden from bringing it up for discussion. It depends on the circumstances. It would be more comfortable for two parties sharing the same religious beliefs to engage in conversation. Or maybe you wish to comment about the news without bringing religion into the picture (innocent victims due to ISIS activities for example). If you’re perhaps simply enquiring out of curiosity, that’s fine too.

However, what if we have, say, an atheist and a Christian? Warning flags should begin popping up if you’re considering saying something offensive. Why go to such lengths to ruin a relationship even before it started?

It’s about respect. You may not agree with his or her way of thinking, you may even feel strongly against it. In the end, you’re not him or her. We are all brought up in completely different settings and exposed to separate beliefs, attitudes and opinions. What right do we have to insult their way of life? Wouldn’t it be better to show tolerance and respect?

Want to have a discussion on religion? By all means, go ahead. Just remember to watch your words.

Midway, and lots of coding

Woah, we are already halfway through January? Really?

I thought the previous hell week was bad. But the remaining weeks till the end of my current semester is utter damnation. Three weeks to film another short film, creating a website and writing a research essay in two weeks, and next week I have a photo essay to hand up. Do note I did not mention exams yet.

As always, I’m trying to keep my spirits up. If generations before me overcame this ‘crisis’ too, surely I can do the same? Good thing is, I have passion on my side. Killing brain cells for hard work is worthwhile.

Speaking of passion, I may have a newfound interest in web design. There is nothing concrete yet but when I was busy typing away at my laptop and inserting div tags, I was surprisingly having fun. This is very, very odd because it never occurred to me that I am actually be decent at it.

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Where my mind takes me

Life can be harsh at times. The stress of having to deal with them simply accumulates over time. It becomes this imaginary mountain of problems with only one stick supporting the entire structure. The stick is bound to snap one day, and your whole world comes crumbling down.

I am grateful, yet at the same time worried that I didn’t face this kind of hell so far. Will I be strong enough? Whenever I feel the burden becomes increasingly heavy, I escape into my thoughts. I talk to myself, try to get another perspective on things and assure myself that in the future, I will look back at this and laugh. The mind is fickle, if you convince it enough, chances are it will change to how you want it to be.

If the above fails to work, I daydream. It sounds ridiculous but I really get lost in my imagination. For that brief window of time, the world around me fades away. I forget about everything. I just focus on where my mind takes me. Perhaps depending on this so much is the reason why I constantly space out.

Physically, my room is my haven. When it’s dark, I grab my favourite blanket, close the windows, switch on the air-conditioner and night-light and plug in my earphones. The solitude is extremely comforting. If there is a breeze, I just open my windows, stare out into the night and feel the gentle wind caress my cheeks. If I am looking for a perk-me-up, I lay on my bed and play games or watch anime.

My family plays an important role in my life too. I know that if I ever need someone to talk to, my loving parents and my ‘best friend’ sister will always be there for me. I am so thankful, and I love them so much ❤️.