GreenDot (WestGate)

I don’t take healthy eating seriously. I can appreciate it, but I don’t want to be restricted by concerns like calculating the calories in a Sausage McMuffin. As long as it tastes good, I’ll take it. If it’s healthy, it’s a bonus. So I’ll like to take this chance to recommend GreenDot.

I would have never ever stepped foot into the aforementioned restaurant if it weren’t for my sister’s friend. Like I said, healthy eating isn’t on my top ten priority list. The outlet’s at Westgate in the Jurong East area (I keep mixing up this mall with the JEM mall – they are right next to each other).

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Breaking Free(ingSG)

As part of my assignment, I did a feature article on escape rooms. And requirements state I have to experience it myself and write a review on it.

Sure, why not?

I don’t want to give too much information here because I don’t want to be accused of plagiarism (curse you, SafeAssign!). Oh lord, if I post photos too, will that be considered against the rules too?

Alright, I’m gonna play it safe.

I’ll just give a very brief introduction. First off, the escape room company we visited was known as FreeingSG. We made a booking for the room entitled ‘Secrets of the Past – From Russia with Love’. It was my first time and I was awfully excited.

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50 years on…

A few weeks back, my Web Graphics group ‘Team Alpha’ created a tourism website as part of our first-year final project. One of the photos we featured was that of a mural with a figure of Sir Stamford Raffles overlooking Fort Canning. In our history books, he was well-known as one of the early founders of Singapore. *coughs* Though I feel we give him too much credit for work that he didn’t do himself like William Farquhar *coughs*.

From then on, Singapore progressed through colonial rule, World War II, a merger with Malaysia and separation. This year, we’ll be entering our 50th year of independence. Neat.

Let’s keep up the good work.

Sir Stamford Raffles

Singaporean food!

A while back, a fellow WordPress user, thepinkpigeonpost, stopped by my blog and asked me to show some Singaporean food. Many ideas came to mind, but it’s not that easy.

One thing about my country that I’m proud of is our food paradise. It comes with our multi-racial and multi-religious culture. Whatever you can think of, chances are a street stall or a restaurant in this ‘tiny red dot’ offers it. Not everything, but enough variety to leave one spoilt for choice.

However, how exactly do we define Singaporean food when most of it originated from elsewhere? I don’t know the answer to that. We do have our famous Hainanese Chicken Rice and Chilli Crab, but I want to go into other alternatives that tourists (maybe Singaporeans?) may not know about.

Hence, instead of Singaporean food, here is a list of some of Singapore’s (in my opinion, anyway) favourites!

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