When going back in time doesn’t screw you over

Review: Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED)


You will rarely find me engrossed in a manga. To date, this has only occurred twice. There are two reasons. One, lazy. Two, I’m sure there are people who can definitely relate to having their anime experiences ruined by poor adaptations of the source material.

So when some scrubs were losing their shit over Boku dake ga Inai Machi (since they already know what could happen from the manga), I was blissfully unaware. Waiting for a new episode every week kept me on edge, sure. At least, my expectations weren’t set as high as the manga readers. Less likely to be disappointed, see?

After getting rid of leftover feels (hah who am I kidding), I went online to read reviews. They were split, almost half-half. The spectrum went from “OMG BEST ANIME EVERRRRRR” to “this sucks [launches into 500-word essay on why]”.

This is going to be the perspective of someone who has not read the manga. Also, if you are looking for a trashing of this anime, sorry buddy but this one is leaning towards the happier side. See that red ‘X’ on the top left of your window? Yup yup, click on it and you’re outta here.

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It is the year 2122. The paranormal is acknowledged as a legitimate branch of science, and countries are racing to harness its powers for themselves.

Charlotte Flores has been living in middle-class Zone 8 ever since the Blackout. Life is peaceful, way too peaceful. She has feelings that others do not, and at night her dreams are plagued with ghastly visions. But she continues to keep everything happening to her a secret, even as the lingering sense of dread grows with each passing day.

When a Corrupted attacks the city, a series of unexpected events puts her under accusation. She is banished into the outside world. And she finds herself more alone than ever before.

How long can she stay sane?

Rather than an idea for a book that I will probably never write, I envisioned this story as a TV show instead. Putting actions into words is tough, for me at least. This non-existent story was inspired from a Reddit post and numerous animes.