Semester Round-up!

The first semester of the second year concluded last week with a examinations on Public Relations. Good lord, I do not want to touch that ever again. Not my cup of tea.

If I had to describe the past few months in a single word… ‘Frightening’. You may think it’s quite the exaggeration. Half right. In the beginning, it was sugar, spice and everything nice. Then, it grew progressively worse. I’m a passive person, so being in the middle of all the conflict was… uncomfortable.

This time round, we took part 2 of Radio Production and feature writing. Those were the fun ones, and also the most hectic and challenging. The other three modules – Public Relations, Media Business Management and Communication Issues, were… meh. Don’t get me wrong, they’re important. Just not as enjoyable.

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Life Update: 1st Week of Break

I have an awful habit.

Whenever I get a break, I huddle at home and do nothing but watch movies, play games, go on Youtube etc. I don’t have the energy to drag myself out of the house.

I do have a few plans though. There are a couple of local writing competitions that I’ve set my sights on. It’s the first time I am planning to write a story, actually. I have to find interviewees for the second term (ugh). Most importantly, revision for upcoming tests.

For the past week, some things happened. I got addicted to this game called Jeezus, I can’t control myself. Once I start, I can’t stop. Basically, it’s all about being a cell and you’re trying to get bigger but eating other cells. This game brought out the trash-talking side of me.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 1.21.56 pm

The first time I made it to top 3 on the leaderboard FIGHT ME

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Life Update: Interviews, Marvel Madness

So yes, I haven’t posted anything in 14 days? Year 2 is one hell of a ride, and it’s only the 4th week of the semester.

Trust me, it’s not that bad. Really! The modules are cool, save for a few dry theories. However (there’s always a ‘however, isn’t there), this one frustrating issue haunts my everyday thoughts.


Now don’t get me wrong here. I have nothing against interviews, I even find a couple of them enjoyable. The pain in the neck comes from the fact that I am just a student. Throw me a radio assignment with a special guest, yes, I’ll do my best. But I don’t have the resources, the publicity and incentives to offer people. All I have are my persuasion skills, which are a little bit on the ‘meh’ side.

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